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Multiple Strands

"Trust the universe and respect your hair." -Bob Marley
Daishia Davenport, CEO and Head Stylist

"Go Natural" they say…

"Stop getting relaxers"

"Ditch the weave, it doesn’t define you"


However what they do not say is taking care of your hair on your own can be TOUGH!


I remember wasting so much time and money watching YouTube videos that did not work.

I’ve tried out every ridiculous hair growth strategy you can think of. I used Monistat to grow back thinning edges. I even tried putting deep conditioner in my hair over night to get the greatest hydration. And guess what? None of it did anything. It was all a waste of time. I was willing to try anything to grow a big gorgeous afro even though none of it made sense. I followed tons of advice offered by non professionals, which led to frustration about my hair. Which then led me to hide my hair. From braids to twist to weaves and wigs, I looked for any style i could to avoid wearing my hair. Let’s just say if you saw me now, you wouldn’t believe what I've been through.


Now today 7 years later, I help men and women of all ages improve their self confidence starting with their hair.


I hold a Cosmetology License, which has provided me with substantial knowledge on how to care for hair but the real lesson was in putting that knowledge to work. Practicing techniques and products on each clients hair has taught me more than I could’ve imagined. It taught me that with the help of a professional I could figure out the solution to any hair frustration.

"The hair is the richest ornament of women." -Martin Luther King, Jr.
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