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Is your hair and scalp giving you problems?

Multiple Strands Hair Oils can solve that

Multiple Strands Hair Oils were made with your hair and scalp in mind. Formulated with high quality organic oils and herbs to give your hair and scalp what it needs to thrive. We've created 3 different powerful oils that target various hair concerns so you can say bye bye to hair struggles and hello to healthy hair!


Strengthening Oil


Nettle Leaf

Do you struggle with weak hair strands that are constantly breaking and shedding?

Enhances circulation
Reduce gaps in beards
Good for aging hair 
Reduces excessive breakage 
Reduces excessive shedding
Strengthens weak hair strands
Penetrates hair shaft to seal in moisture
Are protective styles thinning out your hair and leaving you with split ends and dry, frizzy hair? 

Smooth split ends 
Softens hair strands
Promote hair thickness 
Protect against overstyling
Seals in moisture & conditions hair
Nourishes follicles with vitamin A,B,C,D,E, potassium and more!


Nourishing Oil

Lavender Tea




Itchy Scalp & Dandruff Oil

Rosemary Tea


Are you tired of an inflamed scalp after styling and constant flaking?

Reduces dandruff
Instant itchy relief 
Reduces gray hair 
Balance scalp pH
Calms inflammation
Removes impurities from scalp
Detoxes the scalp to promote growth

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Tiana, L

Instant Relief!!!!!!!! Active Ingredients!!!!!!

I had my braids in for about 2 days and my scalp was starting to itch. This woman is MIXING! Quality is amazing!


Urounda, B


I have only suffered with dandruff since starting my loc journey. Before this oil, the only thing that had been helpful was a prescription, steroid-based oil.

However, since using this oil, my scalp has been practically dandruff-free.

Deniqua, D


I like to call this product an instant reliever. As soon as I have an itch I run to this bottle especially because I bleach my hair a lot. I did my first round of bleach yesterday and as soon as my head started itching, I grabbed my bottle and I swear my head felt so relieved. The smell is strong because of the neem oil in it but I literally love this product

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